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I know I'm spamming today, but really, I don't care.

jhglkbfdvgu. I am on a manga reading kick today, man. I want more of Kaikan [that is spelled right, isn't it?] now. I got the last copy of #2 in Borders ... they didn't have any at all in Waldenbooks [and what is up with that? Waldenbooks just sucks lately] I would have died. Or possibly cried. Anyway, I got it, but now I want #3 like whoa. That just isn't cool...
And no, I still don't have Alice 19th 5. That hurts less now that I've actually read it, though..

Also read Juvenile Orion 3 and Saiyuki 3 ... I think The Demon Ororon will be next, but I also bought some of X today.. I think manga is killing my brain. Heh. I might have to take a break and watch TV instead. [God, I am so damn lazy today.]

I have so much stuff I need to be doing or should be doing or whatever [and I think my mom is mad at me.] I don't feel like dealing with any of it ... that's bad right? But whatever.

I think I'll watch some more of Babylon 5 now. Need to get those back to Nicole and Casey.

[I feel so giggly.]

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