Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

even MORE links for Serenity

Jewel Staite posts about Serenity, etc. [!!!! She might be at DragonCon.]

Also, a transcript of her Q & A session at DreamCon. VERY minor spoilers, nothing that should bother anyone. Very, very minor. Can I stress minor any more? And long, but it's cute.

Serenity: the Unofficial Firefly Movie Blog [this thing needs a feed. I don't know how to start one, does anyone know?]

AOL is working again. I can close windows!
I know that sounds stupid to most of you, but it becomes a big deal when you can't, believe me.

This is some funny shit.
Why yes, I do love Draco. Heh.

I ... think I'm done.

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