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I think I'm going to regret posting this, but ...
Stole it from fluffymaru

Leave a comment with a drabble request, pairing or character-based. Give me a title and one line of dialogue to be written in a 100-500 word drabble. After you comment, put this meme in your own journal.

I have to know the fandom, and I have to like the pairing. [So no, Lisa, I will not write Ron/Draco, and do not bother asking.]
To give a brief list: Harry Potter, Buffy, Firefly, Pretear, Saiyuki..

I don't promise to get these out in a timely manner, but I will try.


Had a good day today. :) Bought stuff for my dorm, hung out with Clay and Sam and Ash ... just a good day.
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