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icon rant.

Okay. I know I don't make the best icons out there. People don't flock to my icon posts, I am not overly popular outside my group of friends, and I still have a lot to learn. So I understand people who don't make the greatest icons in the world.

But people, come on. All of us have eyes, okay? Use your fucking brains.

Little arrows that point NOWHERE?! Are stupid. And just because dtissagirl does it doesn't make it any less stupid. They are pointless and distracting and annoying.

What is the point of repeating the same damn image over and over again in the same fucking icon? We aren't blind or stupid. We saw it the first time.

Icons that are so goddamn dark you can't see the image anymore? Suck. If I can't tell what the hell is on my icon, I am not going to want to use it.

Same goes for these stupid, teeeeeeeny little fonts that nobody can read because they are SIZE FOUR or something equally ridiculous.

And the same goes for using so many goddamn brushes that you cover up the original image. No, that's ugly, thanks much.

All of these asshats who think that they're so goddamn wonderful need to get over themselves, because the icons are becoming unclean, cluttered, and completely unoriginal.

I may use silly icons that my friends and I make in two seconds as jokes, and I may not make the best icons in the world, but I have taste. Some of you need to go out and get some of that.

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