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I'm hoooome.

What Is Your HP Threesome?
by elschan
You Will ShagHarry Potter and Draco Malfoy
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Had a good weekend, but I'm glad to be sleeping in my own bed tonight. Heh.

Am very upset about ComicCon. Mostly because I was not there. HATE.

I'm updating in between reading my friends list. ::headdesk::
Too. Many. Posts. So. Much. Hate. RAAR.

Uhh. I got completely addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh this weekend. Nicole has corrupted my soul, I swear she has.

Also? It's generally a bad idea to attempt to drink ANYTHING while out with Nicole, Amber and Becky, because you will either end up drowning or spitting on yourself. Bastards.

And at 280 entries back I just finished reading my friends list. Actually, I'm surprised it didn't take me longer than that. Only about two hours ... I think it might be a record of some kind.

So I think I'll be going to bed now.

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