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check out how I'm spamming you. woot.

This one amuses the shit out of me:

Analysis of your LJ Friends
LJ Username
LJ friend who reads you most. sky_was_green
LJ friend who finds you attractive. venus_blue
LJ friend who wants to delete you. kitschxobject
LJ friend you'd most like to kiss. gbunnygoddess
LJ friend who thinks you're fabby. pnksaph
LJ friend who should become a proper one. fluffymaru
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What Your Live Journal Friends Really Think...
LJ Username
Thinks Your Cute... suiel
Wants To Be Like You... ___piiracy
Thinks Your Crazy... krazylokoguy
Doesn't Really Like You... notworthy
Stalks You... krazylokoguy
Percent Of Friends List Who Actually Read Your Journal... - 6%
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And one more..

If your LJ friends got you drunk...
LJ Username
Favorite beverage
Buyer sleepysaj
Friend that poured the drinks gbunnygoddess
Bystander barbed_whispers
Lover pancakekiller
Bartender sky_was_green
Video games? FALSE
This fun quiz by knuxies - Taken 636 Times.
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Okay, I'm done spamming now.
[so bored. really.]
[also? omg my icon is so true! ahaha.]


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