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Went back through my posts and put all my fanfic posts into my memories for easy access ... because honestly, we all know that I suck at updating websites, and who the fuck knows when I'll get around to adding my fanfic to Boxing Clever? Not to mention the icons I haven't even uploaded yet ... oops. [Seriously. I have a small-ish set of HP icons that is totally ready to go. I suck. And I'm not doing it tonight, either, for I am teh lazy.]

Today was so unusefull. I didn't write *anything*. Most days I at least write something, even if no one else ever sees it. Blah. And it's not just writers block. I couldn't make icons, either. You can ask barbed_whispers; they were all sucking like whoa. It's a total creative block.

I did see my dad, though. He gave me money. I never complain about this.

My mom bought me new pants. Again. I think she's trying to tell me something. My clothes my suck just that bad. ><

I've been spamming my lj like whoa lately. Sorry, guys.

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