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once again with the random.

New colors on my livejournal. I like them, but I'm not sure how long it'll last. It might be just a little bit too dark.. we'll see.

I didn't do any packing, like I was supposed to. Uh. Oops. I swear, I'm never going to remember everything if I don't start putting some of it in boxes and all now. My mom has started to give me dirty looks whenever I leave my room. That's so sad. Heh. [It's because she knows I'm in here avoiding doing what I should be doing. Which is exactly true.]

I got new tires today, finally. I've been needing them, and I'll feel better about driving back and forth from Tampa with them. Only eight days left until I move... only eighteen left before my birthday [woohoo!]. I'll finally be able to do everything. Except drink, but I don't care about that, so still, yay!

I'm probably going to be back at my dads tomorrow, which sucks so very much, but hopefully I won't be there for more than one night. ughh.

Also? barbed_whispers just refuses to stay online for any length of time. Everyone should go yell at her. O:)

I've been reading so much fic the past couple of days, and I really really need to update the fic list, but I'm lazy so instead I'll link you to one of the many fics that will be added once I get around to it:
Masked by yahtzee63. Harry/Draco, R, one-shot. I'm lazy so I'll just copy the summary she gave: All Harry's friends are certain Draco's betraying him. Why doesn't Harry believe them?

So go. Read. yay.
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