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yeah, this pretty much sums it up.

bruisexpristine was bitching about me linking her to things and not telling her what they are.
I found my response amusing and, because I am so damn egotistical [haha] decided to post it. Mostly because I have nothing better to do:

And by the way? when I link and it's fic, as it almost ALWAYS is, I can pretty much guarantee it'll be either H/D or R/S, because any other pairing will have me going "EWWWW CAR WRECK!" or "Wow, this is good and I didn't expect it to be" or "This is Draco/Sirius. I didn't read it. Here you go."

Other than that... Collateral was good, my dad is an ass, my stepmom is the rudest person ever, I still love my mom at least, and I have my car back, yay!

And I'm glad I didn't post this yet, because now I must add:

Karen [1:08 AM]: Ashley. If I were in a room with you and a werewolf, and I had a gun with two silver bullets.
Karen [1:08 AM]: I would shoot you.
Karen [1:08 AM]: Twice.

This is how much my friends love hate me. Isn't life grand?

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