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1. I love my Gateways advisor. LOVELOVELOVE her. I got lucky, too, because she's in the English department and seems really willing to help me out and talk to me about it... which will be especially great when I start trying to get classes next semester.

2. Orientation has been a bunch of bullshit and mostly boring, as far as the required stuff goes. But the people I've met are fun, even if I don't have too much in common with most of them. I ended up having more fun talking to Liz tonight than I would have thought. [She's still way too much of a partier for me, but then, most of the people here are.]

3. Billy is really nice. And he played chess with me. :) He sucks, just like I do! Yay! haha.

4. The hatred I'm feeling for fluffymaru right now knows no bounds. And it's partially because she RUBBED IT IN MY FACE, too. Whore.

5. My dorm floor is so active and friendly, I'm having so much fun. Everyone leaves their doors open and people just randomly walk by and then walk in and introduce themselves and talk to you and everything. I have met SO many people, but I'll never remember them all.

6. There's nothing required tomorrow or Sunday. I can SLEEP, finally.

7. Jenny is the RA for the room literally across the hall from us and everything down to the right. Alison is my RA, and everything around the corner. I wish Jenny was my RA. She's so much cooler and understanding about shit.

8. It gets SO COLD in my room at night. I love it. It never got this cold at home... it's so comfy under the covers and everything.

9. I just dropped my cookie on the floor, and that is SO FUCKING UPSETTING, YO! Goddamn it. [It's obviously a sign that I should not be eating cookies.]

10. I feel like I should have so much to say since it's my first weekend and everything, but I really don't.

11. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW, bruisexpristine, I LOVE YOU!

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