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i want life in every word

to the extent that it's absurd

3 September 1986
but I believe Lewis can SAVE THE WORLD.
...and really bad eggs, addicting others, angst, anime, anita blake (former)vampire hunter, anita/edward, antisocial tendencies, aqualung, arguing with smart people, bears that moooo, being a 12yr old, being a college dropout, being an idiot girl, bendy straws, big damn heroes, big damn movie, big words, bill zebub, bitchy voicemails, bittersweet endings (oh hdm), black jewels trilogy, books, browncoats (forever!), buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/oz, calling people fucktards (fucktard!), calvin and hobbes, cheese, cod, crazk, daemon sadi, dancing in the rain, death note, designing websites, disappearing, disney pin trading, dorks who aren't me, douglas adams and hitchhiking, fanfiction, fangirling liek woah, firefly, gankutsuou, gay incestuous brothers, getting lost in memories, going off on tangents, greek mythology, hating prequels, having imaginary friends, his dark materials, hot anime boys, hoyay!!, hyotei, inside jokes, jack sparrow, jack/bootstrap, jayne/vera, joss whedon, joss whedon-my master now, kiefer sutherland, laughing 'til it hurts, lewis is the avatar, lewis saving the world, lucivar yaslana, lyra/roger, making fun of people, making icons, making weird jokes, mal/kaylee, manga, manipulating everyone--even you!, melissa etheridge, michelle branch, monty python, not going to class--evar, old school buffy, original star wars, our lady peace, pacey/joey, panic! at the disco, partying like it's 1999, philosophy, pink bikies duuuuude, pissing people off, placebo, plotting with parents, pondering religion, possibly incestuous amnesiac ust, pretty boys, prick/bastard, prince of tennis-pot!, purple penguins, raine maida (pre-solo career), randy (cause she's dandy!), reading, reading too many books, remus/sirius, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, satan wears glitter, saving myself for lord-voldemort, scaring strangers, sci-fi and fantasy, seigaku, seishirou/subaru, serenity, sharing brains, shiny things, shiny!, sirius black rap, sitting in the dark, slash, sleeping, snark, so's your face, spiritual machines, squeeification, stalking you, talking to myself, tenimyu, tenipuri, the bench of sadness, the big toe, the cheese monkeys, the good book smell, the harry potter books, the idea of love, the moments before sleep, the postal service, threatening books with fire, three-ways on the phone, tokyo babylon, unhappy endings, wasting all my time, weather warden, writing pointless drivel, writing too much, yelling at my books, your mom